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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More on the Gap in M. Pointer's Service

A number of men from Marshall County Mississippi signed this letter, including Marcellus Pointer's father, Dr. David Pointer. The date of June 5, 1862, is two days after Private Pointer's enlistment in the 9th Miss Inf would have expired. This fits in well with my earlier speculation that Dr. Pointer and his wife might have had other plans for young Marcellus than allowing him to be conscripted at that time. They could easily have convinced him to enroll in the proposed partisan ranger company mentioned in the letter. Whatever Marcellus planned on doing, the arrival of Joe Wheeler in Holly Springs on July 20, 1862, with orders to assume command of Chalmers' cavalry brigade, settled the issue for the duration of the war. Pointer's records show that his appointment to Wheeler's staff as an aide-de-camp dates to that very day.

Gen. G.T. Beauregard
Baldwin, Miss
June 5 '62

Dear Sir,

There is now encamped near this city Capt. Lot's Co. of Cavalry, recently stationed at Bolivar, Tenn, and as the [front?] is an exposed one, open to depredations by small parties of the enemy's cavalry, and as there are still a number of sick and wounded in our hospital, not in a situation to be rescued and
valuable government property here requiring protection, it is the earnest wish of
our citizens that you will authorize the Co. of Cavalry above referred to to remain here with such additions to the force as you may be [favored?] to order, and also that you will authorize the organization of Guerrilla bands or Partisan Rangers. Amongst us many of our citizens exempt from the Conscript Act are
willing and anxious to organize themselves in this way for local defense if they have the sanction of the proper authority for the preceding.

Should Capt. Lot's Cavalry be instructed to remain here, some provision for their subsistence will be necessary through the Commissary here. There is a considerable quantity of arms at the armory in this place, including a number of shotguns, many of which may be used, and it is very desirable that we should have your permission to place some of these in the hands of such of our citizens who may connect themselves with the organization referred to, if [you have no objection?].

We send this by official messenger and hope it may be convenient for you to give the matter a prompt and favorable consideration.

Very Respectfully,
[the signers include David Pointer]

The subscribers to the above petition are all citizens of the highest standing in this county and I heartily concur in their requests contained above. There will be no trouble in subsisting any force and I would most earnestly beg your compliance with the requests above.
G.D. Mitchell AQM

For myself, I refer you to Gen'l [Frazier?]

Patriotic citizens are earnestly requested to furnish the bearer of this letter with fresh horses when necessary. Should horses be not voluntarily furnished, J.M. Smally [A.M. Green is crossed out]is hereby authorized to press horses on the way to expedite his journey to the army and back.

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